Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Get off your blessed assurance

A few weeks ago I heard pastor Chris Stevens at Faith Promise Church in Knoxville, Tn used this statement get off your blessed assurance. A couple of years ago I decided to feel sorry for myself because of some personal family problems I was dealing with. I think we are all guilty of feeling like we have it all under control sometimes. The truth is we don't. If you believe what the bible says, there is an enemy who wants to steal, kill and destroy. Satan knows you, your anscestors and your weaknesses, which makes targeting our weaknesses childs play. No matter how much money you make, how famous, how perfect your life seems, satan can make a shambles of your life, and very easily if your eyes are on the world. People we love, our kids, grandkids may never know the Christ we know because we have decided we don't need church. Some people reading this will think it is nuts, many which are Christians, but the bible is clear we need God and we were made to worship. If you are a Christian you need to be 1) in church, you need to be 2) sharing your faith you need to be 3)serving someone else besides yourself. If you are not going to church because of an array of excuses, those excuses are lies. Remember..kill steal destroy.

Get off your blessed assurance! This week is your chance find a GOOD local church and get involved.

I am at the gym on the ascent trainer so excuse typos!

Love ya!


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