Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I am smarter than God!

I know you are thinking, what's going on this this title! This particular blog post is specifically written for Christians, if you are not a Christian, there is likely no point in reading further. Most of you immediately thought how arrogant, nobody is smarter than God, but do our actions reflect that? The fact is, we have all done something that would make it seem as if we believe we are smarter than God. As Christians, we have an instruction manual called the Bible. The Bible talks about many things, one of them being sex. God made us, God wired us, so He knows what is best for us. He laid out some rules to help us, not hurt us. The problem is, many of us have decided we are smarter than God and know what is best for us. For example, I'm an adult, so it is okay for me to have sex outside of marriage, or God made me gay, so it is okay to be homosexual. My spouse is not giving me enough attention, so I am going to get attention somewhere else.

The Bible is very clear about sex. It's clear about when and who we can have sex with. First you need to be married. Second, it needs to be opposite sex. I have gay friends, and I know someone is going to eventually read this and get steaming mad, but listen, I did not write the Bible. You need to take that up with God. The excuse that I was born this way doesn't cut it either. There are babies that are born crack babies, and people that are born predisposed to alcoholism, but that does not make it okay to smoke crack or be a drunk. Read this verse and it becomes very clear you are playing a dangerous game with your eternity. I would encourage my Christian gay friends to explore the Bible more about sexuality. Denial is a false happy place, but God is very serious when it comes to how we handle sex, and it is our responsibility to research and be obedient. God flat out says, if you do certain things, you are not going to Heaven, and just because "you believe" in God, does not necessarily mean you are getting a get out of hell free card. Satan "believes" in God too! The good news is that all God wants us to do is repent, and start living for Him. We all have messed up!

I really just wanted to be thought provoking with this blog. We spend plenty of time watching TV or with our hobbies, so I would encourage you to get out your Bibles and read a little more about the topic of sex.


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