Monday, May 30, 2011

I was almost killed on a jet ski -boating safety Tennessee

Hey guys when you are out on the water, make sure you take it seriously. When I was 26, a boat was speeding, I caught the wake, and I went airborn and crashed into the bridge. I woke up floating in the water with an loud ringing sound. My life jacket was fully buckled prior to the accident, but the impact busted open all the straps but the bottom one. If you are on a boat and your life jacket is not fastened, it is likely not going to do anything. You never know when someone speeding or drunk is going to crash into you, and trust me getting ejecting into the lake is no fun! Had I not been wearing a properly fastened life jacket, I would not be writing this now! Be safe and if you have children, don't assume nothing is going to happen while you are boating!

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