Monday, March 12, 2012

We are not born givers

I'm going to a movie screening tonight for October Baby with some free tickets that were given to me. The event is to raise money for Bottles for Babies.
I was about to leave with the bottle you see pictured to the left that was about 1/4 full. Then God started working on me. Why am I being so greedy? I have a whole Coca Cola bank full of change. Before we left, I decided to fill up the bottle with change. I am getting 20.00 worth of movie tickets and getting to see the movie 2 weeks before the movie is released, yet somehow there was an internal struggle about turning loose of the change. I'm not greedy by any means, but it's just more evidence that it's just not instinctive to be a giver. It is something that we must learn, and soften our hearts and be sacrificial.

A proper donation for those in need is below, a full baby bottle, and not filled with pennies! I emptied out the Coke bank and still have change in it!

An awesome update from the movie theater after I wrote the blog above.  We just won concert tickets for this weekend at the movie! I already made my money I donated back. God is good. I spoke to the charity executive director after the movie and she said the bottles hold between 20.00-25.00 in change, and the tickets we won are worth 20.00!

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