Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Do people have a "Soul Mate"?

You hear a lot of talk about soul mates. Generally speaking, the theory is that there is one person you are spiritually connected to that is your soul mate. I don't believe that there is any one soul mate, and let me explain why. First, the way everything works in the world has a definitive order and logic to it. I think God made it that way for a reason. It just shows the magnificent intricacy that is explainable by no other means than a much greater power than we know here on Earth. With that said, it just does not make sense there is only one person that is your soul mate. The outcome of your life would be codependent on the decision making of another person, in this case your one and only soul mate. If you don't meet your soul mate in time, and they marry someone else first, then what? By no fault of  your own, you end up marrying someone who isn't your soul mate and it further corrupts the order. It would be mass chaos, the domino effect would take place.

One of my best life experiences was selling automobiles. I learned a lot about people selling cars. I learned that a majority of people can be categorized into a few personality types. My personal belief is that when you are finding a spouse, it is important to find one that fits into one of those personality groups, and someone that shares the same values that you do.

There could be thousands of people that have a personality type that meshes with yours, and share your same values. What makes a soul mate is God and marriage, and the two becoming one flesh. You still have your own soul, but you are one flesh.

As always, I hope this is thought provoking, and I welcome your opinion on the subject matter.

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