Saturday, June 2, 2012

My opportunity to work along side Harrison Ford on the movie 42!

So this is it! The anticipation is exciting, the moment is short, and the memories last a lifetime! A brief conversation about the movie 42 with another talent while we were shooting a commercial for a local boat company last Thursday led to me to come home after the shoot at 12:30am and reluctantly submit my head shots for what they call a "core extra". I figured it was too late since they had started the search two days prior, and were fitting that same day, but the next morning I got a call asking if I was available and if I could be in Chattanooga in 3 hours for a fitting! Movies all have extras, in this case thousands. Not too often do you get the chance to actually work in the scene with one of the main stars. Sometimes the stars are not even there while many scenes are being shot. Anyone that has been a part of a TV or movie knows what I am talking about. What an honor and privilege to get to work with Harrison Ford and see him deliver his lines first hand! I really hope I don't sound like I am bragging, being a Star Wars fan and Indiana Jones fan, and I thought Air Force One rocked, this is an opportunity of a lifetime for me, and it's another small step in a direction I think God is leading me.
My life has changed drastically after I saw the sermon series From Dream to Destiny from Pastor Robert Morris a couple of years ago. Not only did I see it, but I have been DOING IT. I can't count the number of messages I heard at church, and thought wow that sounds great, but just didn't apply it to my life. Little sins that I just kept hanging on to because it was easy. God has blessed me in my personal life with an awesome son, my business, and probably more than I am even able to know. God has a plan for EVERYONE to prosper and give us a hope and future! (Jer. 29:11) The problem is, many of us hold on to strongholds, anger, and a slew of other things that prevents God from blessing us fully. No matter where you stand in your life, I encourage you to press forward and get ALL that God has planned for you. Never settle for fine, I want more than fine!

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