Friday, July 6, 2012

The Party's Over! (Inspired by @pwilson's book Empty Promises)

I was reading Pete Wilson's book entitled Empty Promises tonight. Incidentally it's a Friday night, and I am sitting at home all by myself. This caused me to think of another area related to empty promises. We all get to do things exciting in life, some more than others. For example you might have just got back from a great vacation in Hawaii. In my case, last month I was on a movie set with Harrison Ford shooting the movie '42'. How many times do you get to sit right behind a movie legend in a scene, watch him deliver his lines, and then watch him critique his own performance on the monitors? Hang with me, I'm going somewhere with this. Tonight I am heating up cookies in the oven in the house alone, last month I was standing right next to Harrison Ford watching him eating a hand full of trail mix from the cast food tent. This may sound silly to some, but for me, growing up as a young lad watching Star Wars, it was like a dream come to life! But now, like the old song says, back to life, back to reality.

From the Movie Set of '42'

What now? I've had a taste of something exciting and memorable, it makes sitting at home tonight seem 10x as boring! I was thinking, even Harrison Ford will go back to his ranch in Wyoming away from his passion, making movies. I guess this is how the world can affect all social status', because no matter who you are, at some point and time you are going to be living normal "boring" days, granted some more than others. I believe this mentality of boredom stems from our selfish desires, and our mindset that we have to be entertained all the time. Instead of thinking tonight is boring, I can think about how it is peaceful, and tomorrow morning I don't have to be up at 4:00am so I can be on set at 6:00am. I can  have quiet time with my God and Savior, and the one that makes all those cool things possible in the first place. So that's what I'm going to do. Now back to chapter three of Pete's book, some time reading God's word, and then some quiet time with Abba, Father.

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