Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Who instigated the Chick-Fil-A anti gay marriage stuff?

Interestingly enough I happened to be inadvertently involved in the whole anti gay chicken stuff before it exploded when I was attacked on Twitter assumingly b/c of my large 12k+ follow base. Note this post was from the first of July well
before this hit the headlines. I don't like any of this mess I am seeing. People need to learn to respect other people's opinions and that goes for BOTH SIDES of this mess! Why would you go into someone else's business with an opposing opinion and demonstrate? Why would you send messages like the one below on twitter trying to stir the pot? Why doesn't every just say what they have to say, and stop attacking what the other person is saying? In other words if the Amazon.com owner wants to donate 2 million dollars to support gay marriage and you don't like it, don't attack him, donate to your cause or write a blog about your opinion! Same goes for the other side! If you want to donate 2 million dollars to support traditional family values, do it. I have reason to believe based upon what you see below that this who mess was instigated by the pro gay rights activists attacking chick fil a. Again, you don't have to attack someone else to give your opinion! I have plenty of people that I get along with that are gay, we don't bounce back and forth attacking each other b/c of differing beliefs, we state what our beliefs are!

Ironically, my original tweet was only a joke about paying for everyone's food that day at Chic-Fil-A, it was a Sunday! Here is the original tweet.

Twitter banned the user, but the post is cached on the photo site:

Chick-fil-H8's pic (@ChickfilH8)@ActorMikeBiddle supports #AntiGay @ChickfilA and you should too! http://t.co/99DmPvU3 2012-07-08 23:56:29

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