Thursday, August 1, 2013

Attention Christians, DO NOT read your bible!

When you were a kid did you ever have anyone tell you not to do something? I think most would agree, without an explanation, we were curious and did it anyway. Christians believe in God, which also means they believe in Satan, aka Lucifer, Devil, The Enemy. I'm pretty sure that Satan works very hard to prevent Christians from reading the Bible, so why is is that Christians are not curious why their enemy, Satan, doesn't want them to read the Bible?

I'm 41 years old. I've never read the entire bible, however I've been using YouVersion's one year reading plan on my phone and PC and I'm about 15% through update 21% through the Bible now!

My challenge to Christians is to ask yourself why you are not spending time daily reading the bible. We spend hours on the computer, television, leisure reading, playing sports, washing cars, gardening, so why wouldn't we spend 15 measly minutes per day to do a reading plan that will allow us to read the Bible in a year?

If you are not in the habit of doing this, setup the email reminders, and use the "Catch me up" feature when you get behind. It takes a while to get it into your daily routine. Whatever you do, don't get discouraged! Any reading at all was better than what I was doing before! There's even a setting on YouVersion to have someone hold you accountable to your reading plan by e-mailing a weekly report!

It's never been easier to read your bible and remember to do it!

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