Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Entertainment Industry Greats do not Understand Social Media

For some reason many in the entertainment industry including television, film, and music do not seem to understand that when people post photos or tweet about your show, movie, concert on social media, that is a good thing. As a matter of fact, they are clueless how to leverage a great resource that is right under their nose! In most movies, there are hundreds if not over a thousand people involved. If you read my most recent blog regarding Liongate Films and CL Casting and Hunger Games Catching Fire, you know exactly what I'm referring to. What's ironic, is production and film promotion companies understand that word of mouth is important because they offer free screenings weeks before a movie is released.

Obviously people shouldn't give out specific details about the project, however it is just "dumb as a stick" to tell everyone they aren't allowed to post anything about it at all or tell anyone you are involved in the movie. The potential snowball of solely the people involved on a film telling friends and family to watch the movie is in the hundreds of thousands! Instead, as you see in my previous blog, they expect you to keep it top secret! It's free advertising! DUH! They put directional signs up all over town that show where the set is, so it's not even really a secret anyway!

Same thing goes for taking photos at concert, who was the genius that thought that was a bad idea? 10,000 people posting online about your band is a GOOD THING, let them take and post all the photos they want! It does seem this industry is starting to understand this.

I frequently see people getting small roles on Television or Film and actors and agents are not allowed to tell anyone! Hello, Hollywood are you reading, that is DUMB! You want the actors,extras,hair and makeup, tech telling EVERYONE they can via Twitter/Facebook etc to watch the show they are in or worked on !!!!!!

"Common sense is not so common" ---Voltaire

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