Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Thyroid condition weight loss

A majority of people encourage and thank me for sharing my weight loss story, but it's amazing that there is always someone sensitive to talking about weight that raises a fuss! In this case, I had posted about "Food Addicts" and the excuses they use. One thing food addicts do, just like drug addicts is lie. Example, they will lie and say they have a thyroid problem or medical condition, when they have no thyroid problem at all. That doesn't mean that everyone that says they have a thyroid problem is lying though!

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Even though my post was clearly not directed toward people with medical conditions, I learned something very interesting after attempting to explain my position to her. Her concern was simple, she misread my post and thought I was saying people with a thyroid problem need to stop using that as an excuse to be overweight, but what was ironic, right after that, she said that she had started working with a personal trainer 6 months ago, and dieting and I had lost 3 sizes and a little over 30 pounds. 30 pounds in 6 months represents a TYPICAL weight loss of 1-2 pounds a week!

Here is what I'm thinking! Instead of attacking and critiquing me about how I encourage people to take control of their health, why aren't you telling people, hey, I have a medical condition that HINDERS my weight loss, but I will NO LONGER throw in the towel and succumb to it! I know it's going to be harder than someone without a medical condition, but I will no longer use that as an EXCUSE! Instead of helping and inspiring people, there was a big facebook pity party. Her own words and story revealed that she has struggled with weight for years because of a medical condition and finally found the right person to help her and has lost 30 pounds in six months.

So now I know that people with thyroid conditions who have struggled for years can also lose weight too!
Not because she wrote an inspiring story, but because she incidentally revealed it while complaining. Honestly I wasn't really sure about people losing weight with thyroid conditions until she told me about her story.

One last thing, if you see someone that is giving a personal testimony and trying to help people, you should be careful how you respond. We live in a very selfish world and a lot of people keep valuable testimonies to themselves exactly for this reason, fear of being attacked. Weight isn't a fun subject to talk about. Unlike drugs or alcohol, it can't be hidden unless you stay home and have no contact with anyone.


The Thyroid Diet Revolution: Manage Your Master Gland of Metabolism for Lasting Weight Loss

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