Monday, April 14, 2014

Instagram- Removed deactivated and spam accounts

You may have noticed today that Instagram has a new message when you log into the app that says Change in followers. We've removed deactivated and spam accounts. Your list of followers and people may have changed.

In case you are curious what this means, they are trying to cut back on the number of fake accounts and followers that people purchase or have spamming them. This doesn't mean you've done anything wrong on your account, so there is no need to worry. 
I didn't see any drop in my followers today, I have had quite a few new followers today though, nearly 200 already! All real. :-)
Please check out my Instagram account and follow!

Did you get the message on your Instagram? Let me know in the comments below!


  1. I find it funny that people with thousands of followers haven't lost not even one follower as a result of this update. Some, such as myself, who only had 230 followers, lost 70 of em. I don't see how that works. haha

    1. Seriously I've been waiting to get rid of my followers. My best friend had around 200 and she lost 30 of them I have around 800 and have NOT lost a single one! I have been waiting for the day IG fixes the problem and for some reason my count is still inaccurate..

  2. i'm getting this message. i do not like comment or upload my pic. i'm so worry :( i don't wanna get new a account

  3. Ive got the latest instagram update and mine didnt do this??? but i want it to how do i get it to clear spam accounts??