Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Removing ad pop-ups and other malware & adware

I wanted to put together a quick and easy Microsoft Windows guide that you can use to remove malware/adware from your computer. If you find this article useful, plus like/share and Google +1 to help others find it!

You may have noticed a lot of extra ads popping up on your computer recently. Some of them are really clever and actually embed themselves on web sites that make it appear as if the ad is part of the site you are visiting when it is actually adware installed on your computer that is adding the ads to the web site you are visiting. You may not even realize you have adware. It's really easy to remove most adware!

First download and install the scanning software here We will use adwcleaner make sure you click the link that is blue that says Download Now from @BleepingComputer . After the software is installed you must run it from safe mode for it to work effectively! See below.

The key to removing malware/adware and viruses is running the scan while you are in safe mode. If you are using Windows 7 or lower, you can boot into safe mode by turning off your computer. After you have shut down, turn your computer back on. Your black screen/bios will appear. Begin slowly intermittently pressing the F8 button on your keyboard and a screen will appear. Choose safe mode with networking. If you are using Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 watch this video tutorial.

If you found something in your scans please comment below and let me know what your results were. Don't forget you can use this same technique to scan your computer using your anti virus software. A good free AV software is AVG. They try to upsell, so you have to read carefully to get the free version on this site.

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