Tuesday, March 20, 2012

My 20 hour headache from detoxing!

I was reading from the Bible in the book of Daniel today about how he did not want to defile himself with the king's food and wine. He asked the guards to give him vegetables, fruit and water for 10 days. It is interesting because recently we had a guy named Peter spoke to us at church. He grew up in Africa. He told us that as a child they ate rice and beans every day except Christmas when they had Chicken. My first thought was like many, wow that would suck to eat rice and beans just one day, much less 364. After day 2 of the Daniel Fast I am having second thoughts about how blessed we are with our abundant of food. We don't have king's food anymore, but we do have Burger King's food! :-)

Twenty hours after I started this fast I got a headache that lasted from 8pm last night until 1pm today! Why is my body "detoxing" like a drug addict? It is really pretty disturbing. I am a person that does not eat out at McDonalds, Burger King etc and I am still getting tons of chemicals in my body from diet soda, and frozen lean cuisine meals.

I went to Eddie's Health Shoppe to get some protein powder that was compatible with the Daniel Fast. Most of the powders I saw had sweeteners added to them. I found Mother Soy which has no sugar added, etc. It was 33 bucks with discount and tax! Yesterday I was thinking, that is very expensive, I am glad this only lasts for 21 days! But today, I decided to look at the actual cost per meal.

2 Scoops of Mother Soy Burger King Double Cheeseburger
Protein 32g 27g
Fat 0g 26g
Fiber 10g n/a
Calories 138 450
Cholesterol 0g 95mg
Cost w/ tax $2.00 $1.30

So in all reality, it's pretty cheap to eat a healthy meal! You don't have to be a die hard health food nut to help improve your diet, just think how much it would help to replace 2-3 meals per week or breakfast every day with a healthy protein shake! Just mix in some Krema natural peanut butter and/or banana to add flavor. And in case you are wondering, after you drink it, you will be full!

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  1. Any suggestions on a greens additive for smoothies?

    1. I use spinach, bananna, yogurt. You can add grapes, apples.