Sunday, August 12, 2012

Christians-Don't be a fruit fly!

Long story short, a potato fell behind something, and I ended up with fruit flies in the kitchen. The cool thing about fruit flies is they are really easy to trap. You simply lure them in with something they like, for example old strawberries, or apple cider vinegar. They go down the funnel after it, and get trapped inside. I was dealing with my new "captives" tonight and this illustration suddenly hit me!

Sometimes as Christians we are like these fruit flies, except we are chasing after sin instead of strawberries. :-) If you believe in God, you must also believe in Satan. Satan has been around for many, many of our families generations and knows what our weaknesses are. I knew the weakness of the fruit fly, and it made it easy for me to trap them.  The enemy is crafty, knows your weaknesses and wants to steal, kill and destroy, and trap you too! Fortunately we are not fruit flies. We can avoid the trap. We need to examine ourselves, and find out what our weak areas are, get plugged into church, read the bible, etc to build up a defense. Just take a look at your family tree, this is not rocket science to figure out your weaknesses and sin areas. Jesus came so we could be free! It is like he came and lifted that funnel off the glass, and all the fruit flies were free again. Don't stay trapped in sin! Let Christ lift that funnel for you today!

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