Monday, December 10, 2012

US Postal Sevice USPS- Years of poor service back firing

Knoxville Tennessee Post Office-
I ordered a shirt and had it delivered to my post office box. I received email confirmation stating the package was delivered Saturday morning. I got to the post office and the package was not in the box, so I left a note in the box. Monday afternoon I arrived at the post office, and as usual stood in the huge line for 25 minutes to find out what was going on. After a few minutes Aaron comes up and says that on Saturday morning he specifically remembers rolling that package up and putting it in the right box. I told him, REALLY? It's Christmas season, and out of the thousands of pieces of mail you put out, you specifically remember putting that one article out and you put it in the right box? He said, yes I am positive. I asked him to please look around the boxes near mine to see if he saw it, and he said he already looked and it wasn't there.

Fast forward 4 hours later, I called the supervisor, and the package was found in the box under mine. Had he just went back and looked instead of insisting he was perfect and put it in the right box, the problem could have been resolved earlier that day. I'm very lucky I got the package because the supervisor didn't even go down there like he said he was going to because he said he got busy.

The problem isn't the misdelivered mail, the problem is THEY DON'T CARE and they are rude even when they make a mistake! It's been this way for years.

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