Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Declude License server offline stopped working

Has your Declude Anti Spam stopped working? Recently I found out that long time employees David Barker and Linda Pagillo had left Declude in January of 2013. It didn't take long to figure out things for Declude were going downhill fast. As of 4/17/2013 all of the Declude License servers went offline, leaving customers with software they paid for rendered useless! Phone extensions are also disabled at Declude so don't bother calling for support.

Fortunately there is help there from They can help you get your Declude software back up and running, so I would highly recommend contacting them. They got us back up and running quickly!

UPDATE: A fix was just posted on Please +1 and share this page to help people find this page! Thanks! Also, welcome your comments below!

Hope this information helps.

I tried to reach Declude President and CFO Charles K. Stefanidakis for a response today with no success.


  1. Hello,
    have many thanks for the fix! But anyway the anti virus doesn't works. I'll change to another product as fast as possible.
    - Roland

    1. We are using Smartermail which has Clam built in.